Welcome To My Blog!

Hey There! 👋

It looks like you're interested enough to take a look at my very first blog post. I would like to begin with welcoming you to the launch of my blog! Hopefully, it will be a place for many exciting stuff for me, and hopefully for you, too.

Second, I would like to say thank you! Thank you for showing interest in my blog during its very early stages. It all comes down to your enjoyment and benefit from the posts that I'll be making in the future, Insha'allah. 🤲

What's That Button?! 👀

It's using a fun little library called canvas-confetti to render those particles you just saw. Thanks to the power of MDX, I can bring my own React components and use them inside my blog post markup.

The Motive Behind This Blog

I want this site to become a platform for me to share what I've learned with the world - and what I will be learning throughout my career Insha'allah. I want others to benefit, progress, and grow just like I did. It may also become a place to allow the sharing of ideas with you so that we can both learn from each other.

What Kind of Content To Expect

Content will mostly come down to what I'm currently most interested in when it comes to topics. Since I'm mainly a frontend developer, you'll often see me post about web development, with technologies like React, TypeScript, CSS (probably a lot of Tailwind), accessibility, and more. it'll be fun, I promise.

Thank you again for showing interest in this project. Hope to see you on my next post. 🤗