A collection of projects that I have developed.

Astro logo


(React, TypeScript, Tailwind, Astro.js)

A landing page for a medical company client, powered by Astro.

Javascript logo

RGB Guessing Game

(HTML/CSS, JavaScript)

A lightweight educational guessing game which teaches people how to determine colors from their RGB values

Bootstrap logo

Car Rental Website

(HTML/CSS, Bootstrap, jQuery)

A simple Bootstrap car rental website's frontend

Vue logo

Simple Weather App

(Vue 2, Sass, REST API)

A super simple and basic weather application, used to quickly show weather data of any city. Built for trying out Vue.js

Javascript logo


(JavaScript, Node.js)

Font optimization CLI tool, used to convert TrueType fonts (.ttf) to the optimized Web Open Font Format (.woff2) format

React logo


(Node.js, TypeScript, oclif, Mocha TDD)

Scaffold your React app from the command line. Built with TypeScript

Javascript logo


(JavaScript, Node.js)

A terminal-based MIPS emulator written in vanilla JavaScript; a simple CLI app that can be used for educational purposes


The arsenal of technologies that power my day-to-day craft.